Darren Marshall: We had a fantastic start in Sochi


On Thursday, March 20, international women’s U-19 tournament Kuban Spring 2014 took the start in Sochi. The current champion USA team came to confirm the title of the best. In the first game of the group round American players defeated Hungary 2:1. Before today’s match against Krasnodar region starting at 4.10 p.m. Moscow time USA assistant coach Darren Marshall answered our questions.

- Darren, how do you evaluate of your team’s start in Sochi?

- I think we had a fantastic start in the tournament. We played well in the first game in Sochi. We made some mistakes and scored ourselves. But in my opinion we showed a very high team spirit and won the match.

- In first day the weather was bad, wasn’t it?

- I don’ think so. We came from the North-East of the United States. Right now it is winter there. Very cold weather is in this region, we have a lot of snow. We were happy to play here, in Sochi.

- What’s your opinion about the organization of our tournament?

- I think the organization of the Kuban Spring 2014 is very good. And it has always been excellent! We don’t know a lot of things about Sochi and Russia. And it is very helpful for us.

- Say us about your team goal on the Kuban Spring 2014…

- Our goal is to win the championship. We want to show how American football and our team are good.