Keith Boanas: «We are very happy to play in the quarterfinals»


The group stage of the Kuban Spring 2014 was finished. The play-off round will start tomorrow. Estonia will play against USA in the quarterfinals of the tournament. We spoke with English coach of Estonian team Keith Boanas who shared your expectations. 

- Keith, what is your opinion about Estonia's game in the group round of the Kuban Spring 2014?

- I’m very happy because we will play in the play-off of the tournament. In the first game against Slovakia we played very well especially after travelling from Estonia to Russia. The game was very tough but we did very good work. In the second game against Ukraine the referees didn’t take control. We could get better result. In the last game against Iran we had very bad first half. But in the second half we showed a strong character and came back. So, we will play against USA in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

- What do expect from your team in the match against US team?

- I know that the American team plays very well. US women’s football is very strong. USA is the biggest soccer nation in the world. It’s very successful! We understand it very good. But we’ll try to make our best.

- How do you evaluate the organization the Kuban Spring 2014?

- Obviously, the fields could be better because there is the warm weather in Sochi. But the organization is good. We have no problems here. Everything is very well.