"We managed to launch the generation change"


The Head coach of the Russian Women's Senior team Sergey Lavrentiev shared his view on the season 2014 and spoke about the planning for the future with www.rfs.ru.

On the FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 qualification:

- Considering the season from the angle of the qualification for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 one can say that the year was a failure for us. But if we look into the situation more carefully, I can note that in general I am satisfied with the season. It was not so bad. We launched the generation change in the team, introduced new young players. We finished as the runners-up in our qualifying group having conceded only to the current European champions Germany. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to proceed to the play-off but not due to the lack of points but due to  the worse goal difference. Our team conceded 18 goals in the course of the qualification -thirteen of them from Germany.   High score defeats from Germany were the key factor that didn't allow us to finish among the best four runners-up.

On the generation change in the team:

- We started talking about the necessity of the generation change in the team before the UEFA Women's EURO 2013 in Sweden. We tested a number of players at the last year World Universiade in Kazan where they got a certain international experience. We started to introduce them gradually to the senior team. In general I think that the introduction of young players wasn't painful for the team. Here at the same time I would like to say the words of gratitude to the address of ex-players. They made a great contribution  both to the development of women's football in Russia in general and the formation of the Russian National Women's team in particular.

On the interaction with the Russian Women's U19 team:

- I would like to mention that we have good contact with the head coach of the Russian Women's U19 team Alexander Shagov.  We do our best to coordinate our work in order the best U19 players could join the senior team too. We have such examples: in  2014 two current U19 players Alena Andreeva and Margarita Chernomyrdina made their debut in my team, as well as Ksenia Kovalenko who finished to perform for U19 team this year and Anastasia Shevchenko who finished in 2013.

On the UEFA Women's EURO 2017 qualification:

- As for our planning for the future, first it is necessary to understand the situation with my contract that expires next July.   So far in March 2015 we would like to take part in an international tournament. Besides that, we are planning a number of friendly games on FIFA and UEFA official dates. Next summer there will be World Universiade in the Korean Republic where some players of our team could get.  This tournament will also be one of the stages in our preparation to the UEFA Women's EURO 2017 that will take in the Netherlands. The qualification starts in September and the draw of the qualifying groups is set for next April.