Lost to France


On Thursday, December 21-st, the Russian youth team (players born in 2002) held the second guest control match against peers from France.

The game took place at one of the fields of the National Technical Football Center in Clerfontaine. As it was in the first match, the home team proved to be stronger than our team - 5:2 (3:1).

France - Russia 5:2 (3:1).

Goals: the team of France, 10 (1:0). The team of France, 25 (2:0). Kratkov, 35 (2:1). The team of France, 37 (3:1). Stepanenko, 43 (3:2). The team of France, 49 (4:2). The team of France, 56 (5:2).

Russia: Alekseev (Kuptsov, 41), Karpov (Schetinin, 50), Mukhin, Konyukhov, Dronov, Shmakov (Stepanenko, 41), Kratkov (Hotulev, 67), Kokoev (Vorobiev, 41), Pilipenko, Volkov (Turischev, 54 ), Golyatov (Shapovalov, 41).

Dmitry Khomukha, head coach of the Russian youth team:

- We had one day to recover before the second match with the French. We conducted a certain rotation in the lineup, output 4 new players. In its turn, France from the first minutes had on the field 11 other players, compared to the first fight. The opponent set a high intensity of the game; even on physiological level it was not easy for us to cope with the mightiness and speed of the French.

Individual errors played a certain role. We missed the first two goals after the goalkeeper could not keep the ball in his hands. Nevertheless, the guys showed character, tried to win back, reduced the score - 1:2, 2:3. We had some more advantageous scoring chances. But, in general, we must admit that France was in this match stronger, fresh and surpassed us both in individual skill and in teamwork.

Following the results of the training camp in France and two matches with the home team, our coaching staff has received a lot of food for thought. We can say that in 2017 we completed the selection on a large scale. In future we will attract 1-2 newcomers to the training camps, not more than that. In general, we have formed an idea of the players of 2002. There is an understanding of which of them is ready for now to play at the international level, and which is not. As for future plans, the next time the team will get together in February 2018 to participate at the UEFA Development Tournament in Greece.

Photos for the news - Football Federation of France.