All the planned for 2017, we fulfilled


On Monday, December 25, the regular meeting of the RFU Executive Committee was held in the House of Football in Moscow. At the end of the event, at a press conference the president of the organization Vitaly Mutko and the RFU General Director, Acting President Alexander Alayev reported on the results.

Vitaly Mutko, President of the RFU:

- The meeting was very fruitful. We have not met since the Extraordinary Conference, mainly the RFU Bureau of the Executive Committee continued its’ work. Today a full-fledged Executive Committee session has taken place with lots of issues on the agenda. We’ve discussed the work done and have talked about the upcoming tasks; video materials have been demonstrated, you can see them on the RFU website. A number of our colleagues have received positions in international organizations. We can state that everything that had been planned in 2017 was carried out in full.

At the end of the Executive Committee, we caught ourselves thinking that at last we started talking about football, not about debts or scandals.

About the men's national team

- We heard the coaches’ reports of all our teams; first of all, it refers to the national team. Stanislav Cherchesov summed up the results of the year. He said that a lot of newcomers made their debut in the team; a great selection work has been done. We have fully approved the plan for preparing the national team for the 2018 World Cup.

Today we can announce two control matches in March - with Brazil in “Luzhniki” and with France in St. Petersburg. Two more friendly games we will hold closer to the training camp before the World Cup. An agreement was reached about the game with Austria in Innsbruck on 30-th of May, and then there will be a meeting in Moscow, at the "Dynamo" stadium, I hope. The rival is the team of Turkey. We are very grateful to the Turks for playing with us, now we need to play a return match with them. Secondly, based on the results of the World Cup draw, we need to meet the teams similar in style to our rivals in the group.

About youth and junior teams

- The youth team continues the fight for getting into the European Championship. The results of the junior teams U-19 and U-17, who could not enter the EURO Elite round, caused some dissatisfaction, because we anchored our hopes on them. We agreed that the Technical Committee will study the reports of the coaching staff, after that we will be able to make a decision. I would like to note that our financial possibilities now allow us to invite to the team coaches of highest qualification.

About women's, beach and mini-football

- The women's national team has played at the European Championships, now it is fighting for getting into the world championship. The team's performance at the Universiade 2017, where our girls won bronze medals, was recognized as a successful one. Now, two women's teams U-17 and U-19 have made their way to the Elite rounds of the European Championships. We will continue to provide all-round support to women's football.

The mini-football team is preparing for the European Championship. They are provided with all the necessary, we hope that the guys will please us with their performance. In the national men's beach soccer team there is a change of generations, we are a bit late with this, but we agreed to provide support to the team.

About professional leagues

- We’ve heard the reports of the Premier League, FNL and PFL. None of the tournaments was disrupted, all matches were held. However, there are questions subject to constant discussion. Among them it is the possibility of "smart management", when the time and dates of matches can be transferred to create comfortable conditions for football players and fans. In addition, I asked my colleagues from the leagues to pay attention to the task of getting involved in the work on the concept of football development in the country after 2019.

We also decided to extend the contracts with FNL and PFL for the competitions, but the League must adhere to the Strategy for the development of football until 2030.

It was also was mentioned that in the Premier League, the attendance increased by 15 percent compared to last season. However, we understand that this success is achieved due to 3-4 teams. The rest must catch up.

About finance

- When two years ago I came to the RFU, we were on the verge of bankruptcy; there was a question of saving the organization. Accounts payable was about 2.6 billion rubles. Under the plan for 2016, the budget deficit was to be about 340 million, we slightly exceeded this plan. Now we are finishing the year 2017 with zero, the RFU has no debts.

The next year it is assumed that the budget for the first time will be deficit-free. We want to optimize expenses for the teams by increasing the financing of the development programs. First of all, it concerns children's football.

About "Rubin"

- We considered the petition of the "Rubin" football club. They asked to change the organizational and legal form from a municipal institution to a private enterprise. We do not object, but the position of the RFU is following: there must be succession in the sports, legal, and financial areas.

About limit on foreign players

- Over the next three years, the limit on legionnaires in the Premier League will not be changed. But in 2020-2021, we will not limit the number of foreigners on the field, but will reduce the permissible number of foreigners in the application to 7-8 people.
Plus, the clubs themselves offer mandatory entry into the application of homegrown players, introduce qualitative requirements for a legionary and establish a maximum salary for the first contract of a young football player with the club.

About staff changes

- The RFU charter says that if the president can’t perform his duties, he has the right to resign. I took this opportunity and appealed to the Executive Committee with a request to suspend the work in the RFU, for a period of up to six months – time needed  for the CAS proceedings, so that the Russian Football Union would function smoothly. It doesn’t  mean dismissal.

The first Vice-President Nikita Simonyan refused to fulfill my duties on health grounds, two vice-presidents Sergey Pryadkin and Sergei Anokhin are engaged in other projects. In this regard, I suggested to the Executive Committee that the RFU has to be headed by the General Director (General Secretary) Alexander Alayev. The Executive Committee supported this candidacy with pleasure.

As for the issues of cooperation with FIFA and the 2018 World Cup Organizing Committee, as vice prime minister, I will continue to work in this direction.

Alexander Alayev, general director (general secretary) of the RFU, acting president of the RFU:

- I would like to thank everyone for the trust. I’m ready to work in a new position. Exactly two years ago in this same room we did not talk about football, but we were looking for ways to save the organization. Now we can focus on the sport, and Vitaly Leontyevich is the one who made it possible.

I understand, what responsibility is assigned to me, I realize that only six months left to the World Cup. I will do my best. Now you can feel the real atmosphere of the football family in RFU. We’ve reached a complete understanding with everyone. The most important thing now is to preserve stability. Our teams will soon have a lot of tournaments; we must allow neither breakdown, nor scandal.

I  hope that Vitaly Leontievich will return to the post of the RFU president as soon as possible, we really need him.