Russian Women’s Cup final in Izhevsk


On Friday, 23 September at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Football Union of Russia Izhevsk was approved as the venue of the Russian Women’s Cup 2016 final. 

The decisive game of the Russian Cup 2016 will take place on 30 October. The first finalist is WFC Zvezda-2005, Perm. On 8 September in the semi-final the Perm team that is the current title holder of the Russian Cup, claimed a high-score win 3:0 over the Russian champions 2016 WFC Rossiyanka. 

The second semi-final of the Russian Women’s Cup 2016 will be staged on 13 October after the last quarter-finals WFC Donchanka (Azov) vs. Kubanochka SA#4 (Krasnodar) and WFC Chertanovo (Moscow) vs. WFC Ryazan-VDV (Ryazan) will be played on 6 October.