Moving forward as the leaders


The head coach of the Russian national youth team (born in 2001) Leonid Ablizin has commented on the results of  the European Championship-2018 U-17 1st qualifying round match with the Faroe Islands, in which our team won (3:1).

- We have got a victory in the first match of the mini-tournament in Finland. Are you satisfied?

- Yes, we are satisfied. The team scored three points, and kept up with the schedule. We played with great advantage, although the level of the opponent allowed playing like that. Though the low level of game’s realization left us a slight feeling of dissatisfaction. And yet, we did not very well overcome the massive position defense, when ten people stand at their own penalty. But if we ignore these shortcomings, the main thing is that we won the first match. We are moving forward as the leaders of the group.

- Did a missed ball get you upset?

- A lot. Besides we focused on this moment. But for the second time already first to pass – the same situation happened in the finals of the international tournament in Kazakhstan. As Churchill said: "The Russians themselves create difficulties, and then heroically overcome them." But it's frustrating that these are simple situations, and in the end we miss. However, this team has a very good quality - it doesn’t get lost when the match is against it. These guys do not back up, but calmly break the course of the game, and solve the problem.

- But why are so many missed cores? Our team had an advantage and if they scored 5-6 balls, no one would be surprised. Bad luck?

- I had a coach Adamas Solomonovich Golodets. Being asked about bad luck, he used to say: "Not bad luck, but inability". I cannot say so, it was both. Plus psychology. We already discussed it with the coaching staff. We see that the guys experiencing such moments have a huge pressure. We feel it. And when they do not score, this tension grows. An adult football player can overcome it quickly, young people need some time.

- Today you have seen the game of the following rivals: Finland and Iceland tied - 0:0. What is your impression?

- Two fighting teams, similar in game style. Both pretty trained.  And in the second half the Icelanders sometimes looked sharper than the Finns. There are two days ahead and we'll sort out the rivals, and show them our guys in action too.