Recovery training before St.Petersburg


On Sunday, November the 12, the national team of Russia continued preparations for the match with Spain, which will be held on Tuesday in St. Petersburg. The players worked on a completely different program. For example, Mario Fernandez worked exclusively on an individual schedule, the same can be said about Alexander Kokorin and Igor Akinfeev, who, however went to the field, but quickly left it. The rest of the players trained in groups - depending on the amount of time spent on the field yesterday.


The team’s mood is working in general, because on November  the 14-th the team will have no less difficult fight with the grandee of world football, this time - Spain. Today our delegation will depart to St. Petersburg, where tomorrow at 16:00 a pre-game training will take place at the stadium "Petrovsky" (the first 20 minutes will be open to the media), and at 15:30 the press conference with the head coach Stanislav Cherchesov and one of the players of the national team will be held in the press center "Petrovsky".

Victor VASIN: "We understood that it would not be easy"

- Not easy play, but in general, nothing new. Now we are getting ready for Spain in the working regime, Vasin said.

- The score wasn’t surprising, was it?

- Argentina was controlling the ball well. We expected this, were aware of that it wouldn’t be easy, but couldn’t endure it. Plus there was a judge's mistake, we were scored from offside. Is the result logical? I have such an opinion: the score in any case is predictable.

- Is Messi in a good shape?

- You can see that crazy level, the player is from another planet. Did you expect more? In several episodes he showed himself. But I cannot say that there was something unexpected.

- Argentina is the strongest opponent, the Russian team played recently with?

- I think Belgium, Portugal and Argentina are on the same level.

- A crush formed after the match at the "Luzhniki" exit. None of your friends got into it?

- There were some problems, but nothing serious.

- You are often criticized for mistakes in your club, but in the national team you play significantly more reliable. In the match with Argentina, for instance, many people emphasized your play. Why is that?

- I do not know what to say. I do not pay much attention to criticism from outside. Maybe it's a coincidence, but maybe I take upon myself a lot in CSKA and that's why I make more mistakes.

- Are you satisfied with your game on Saturday?

- The team lost, so I cannot be content. I'll rate myself as satisfactory.

- Has you exchanged T-shirts with someone?

- No, did not plan that.

-Spain is ahead. Is their style similar to Argentina team?

- Absolutely. The same crazy control of the ball. We will prepare and analyze.

- How do you like the new ball that will be played at the World Championships?

- The design is memorable. Cute.

- Did you like "Luzhniki"?

- Superstadium. When you see it for the first time, you do not expect that it has so large capacity. Very strong impressions left.

Vladislav IGNATAEV: "I like the national team of Argentina"

- What can you say about the national team of Spain?

- No less difficult match is ahead. I think Spain is a level higher than Argentina. It will be interesting to test your strength.

- Why does Spain have a higher level?

- Personally I like their game more.

- Given that Fernandez got an injury in the game with Argentina, does that increase your chances of reaching the field in the game with Spain?

- Now it is important to know what has happened to Mario - an injury or just a spasm. I wish him good health. And I'm always ready to help the team.

- What impression did Messi make?

-You saw everything yourself. He has proved his level one more time.

- Someone says that Messi is a god, an alien, and others believe that he is just an ordinary good player. What is your opinion of him?

- Of course, he is not an ordinary footballer. He can pull out any game, but there is no reason to be afraid of him. Otherwise - why we should go on the field?

- Glushakov twice took the ball from Messi, as if the Argentine player is from FNL. Very confidently. Did they note Denis somehow after the game?

- Well, FNL is too much. Anybody can take a ball from Messi. Yes, Denis played great, but it's his job.

- What is the mood in the team: not the worst result, but nothing happened in the attack?

- Especially missed ball in the end. We could play a draw even with such a game, running almost without a ball. But there was discipline and desire, these are the main things. The guys were defending well.

- Before the start of the Sunday training Cherchesov spoke something to the team for a long time. Scolded?

- No! We just talked in short, that's all.

- Were there any acquaintances of yours at the match? Did they share their impressions of Luzhniki and how quickly they could leave the arena?

- Nobody complained. And everyone is excited with the arena. It is one of the best stadiums in the world. We witnessed a fest yesterday.

- Whom you would like to change T-shirts with from the Spanish national team?

- I said whom I would like to change with before the match with Argentina, but in the end did not go on the field. So first let me go out, and then we'll see.