Play twice with Belgium


On Monday, November 20, the women's national team of Russia flew to Brussels to participate in two friendly matches against the team of Belgium. The meetings will be held on November 23-rd and 25-th at the stadium of the Belgian Football Center.

The coaching staff of the Russian national team called out 20 football players to participate in the matches:

Goalkeepers: Alena Belyaeva (“Chertanovo”), Natalya Stanovova (“Kubanochka”).

Defenders: Elvira Ziyastinova, Maria Alekseyeva, Margarita Manuilova (all – “Rossianska”), Anna Belomyttseva (“Ryazan-VDV”), Ekaterina Lazareva (“Anderlecht”), Anastasia Akimova, Irina Podshibiakina, Maria Galay (all of Zvezda- 2005 ").

Midfielders: Anna Cholovyaga (“Rossiyanka”), Marina Kiskonen, Kristina Komissarova, Margarita Chernomyrdina, Alsu Abdullina (all – “Chertanovo”), Nadezhda Smirnova, Valeria Bespalikova, Anastasia Konyukhova (all – “CSKA”).

Forwards: Elena Danilova (“Ryazan-VDV”), Nelly Korovkina (“Chertanovo”).


Elena Fomina, the head coach:

- From 20-th to 25-th of November we will hold a training camp in Belgium, within the framework of which we are going to play two friendly matches. A lot of young football players are called to the team; we will have the opportunity to see the closest reserve and give a chance to players who has had little practice at such level.

As well as we did, Belgians participated in the final stage of EURO-2017. This is a high-level team; it has made great progress in recent years. As for the training base in Turbiz, it is well known to us: we were preparing here for the European Championships. The training center meets all the requirements for productive work.


It must be mentioned that the ways of the Russian and Belgian teams crossed often enough. During the qualification for the World Cup 1999 in the USA, in the final part of which our team reached the quarterfinals – Russians celebrated victories in both games - 4:3 and 5:1. Other fight, which had the status of a friendly, took place in August 2011 and ended in favor of the rival - 1:0. One more match was held in Portugal in March 2016 within the framework of the international tournament "Algarve Cup" and ended in a devastating defeat for Russian women - 0:5. In October 2016 Russians played in Belgium two friendly matches and both times lost - 0:3 and 1:3. The latest time Russia met the Belgians in July 2017 in preparation for EURO-2017 and conceded with a score of 0:2.