National team fulfills New Year’s children dreams


The Russian national football team has launched the New Year‘s project for children. Young fans need to talk about their dreams in a letter or video message and send it to before December 13, 2017.

The players of the national team - Miranchuk brothers, Georgy Jikia, Alexander Golovin, Andrei Lunev, Dmitry Tarasov, Ilya Kutepov, Daler Kuzyaev, Anton Zabolotny, Magomed Ozdoev, Yevgeny Chernov took part in the project.  Each of the players will choose bright children's stories and fulfill the dreams of the young fans.

Aleksei Miranchuk, midfielder of the Russian national team:

"Who does not like New Year?! And for children it is the most favorite holiday. Everyone loves gifts under a Christmas tree! I remember that my brother and I dreamed of finding Ronaldinho's shirt there. And when we found it, we were happy! And now we want to make happy ordinary boys and girls."

Georgy Djikia, defender of the Russian national team:

"It is often said that the fans are the" twelfth "player on the field. And it is so. That’s why we want to help our young "twelfth" player to become happier. After all, together we are the team! ".

Every child under the age of 14 (inclusively) can take part in the project.

The more detailed and interesting you describe your cherished desire, the more chances for you to get into the number of winners. If the dream has a story, be sure to share it.

The results will be announced in December 2017 - the list of winners will be published on the RFU website.

Andrei Lunev, goalkeeper of the Russian national team:

"When I was a kid, I dreamed of a real ball, professional. That time it was unreal to get one. But, fortunately, times have changed. And now many dreams are much easier to fulfill. This project for us is an opportunity to help different children, including ones with a difficult fate. "

Alexander Golovin, midfielder of the Russian team:

"Every child is waiting for Santa Claus, who will come and make a present. This year we will fulfill the most interesting and touching dreams. We will wait for sincere letters or videos. "