RFU congratulations to Fabio Capello

18 june 2013 | Новости РФС

On June 18 the Head coach of the Russian National team turns 67.

RFU celebrates Viacheslav Koloskov’s birthday

15 june 2013 | Новости РФС

On Saturday, June 15 RFU Honorary President turns 72.

FUR General Secretary appointment

22 may 2013 | Новости РФС

Anatoly Vorobiev has been appointed as FUR General Secretary.

Inauguration of the Educational and Development Center in Bronnitsy

15 may 2013 | Новости РФС

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013 a new Educational and Development center for Russian national youth football teams was inaugurated in Bronnitsy, Moscow region.

"Very happy to work with Russia”

14 may 2013 | Новости РФС

Fabio Capello attended the Italian comprehensive school “Italo Calvino” in Moscow and answered pupils’ questions.

Decision on FC Dynamo vs. FC Zenit match remains in force

14 may 2013 | Новости РФС

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld the decision of FUR Committees in relation to FC Dynamo vs. FC Zenit match.

Interregional associations on FUR delegation visits to regions

13 may 2013 | Новости РФС

Ahead of FUR General Assembly presidents of interregional football associations shared their opinions on the Football Development Strategy 2020.

Strategy Workshop and Round table in Moscow

08 may 2013 | Новости РФС

A meeting on the Strategy of Football Development in the Russian Federation till 2020 has taken place in the House of Football.

"Remembrance Days"

08 may 2013 | Новости РФС

Campaign devoted to the 68th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Vitaly Artemiev passed away

06 may 2013 | Новости РФС

A famous football player, merited coach of RSFSR Vitaly Artemiev passed away.