FUR President visits the Kirovsk region


On Monday, 25 November FUR President Nikolay Tolstykh rendered a working visit to the Kirovsk region.


During the trip FUR President had a meeting with the Governor of the Kirovsk region Nikita Belykh, the Mayor of Kirov Vladimir Bykov as well as representatives of the Kirovsk region Football Federation. The meeting dealt with the topical issues on football development in the region. On the same day FUR and the Government of the Kirovsk region signed an Agreement on interaction and cooperation in football development in the region. The document was authorized by Nikita Belykh and Nikolay Tolstykh.  

Nikita Belykh, Governor of the Kirovsk region:

 - Today we have agreed a number of issues which, if completed, will have an immense impact on the development of football and other sports in the region. We are to launch the work on the regional football development strategy which will foresee joint actions of the region, the city of Kirov, private investors concerning the sportive infrastructure development and other objects that might be used in football development. Under special projects it is planned to establish the regional youth players development center as well as special attention is paid to the football infrastructure development in the districts of the region. As a midterm perspective we consider the construction of a football stadium which might be a symbol of football in the Kirovsk region and the base of our football team.

Nikolay Tolstykh, FUR President:

- We will pay special attention to the development of kids’ and youth football, of course, without neglecting grassroots and professional football. We will consider football development in the regions as the priority in our activity. The region has plenty of professionals who can assist the development of young athletes. I am sure that by joint efforts we will manage to work out and fulfill an efficient regional program. We will do our best to provide the region with an opportunity to host a number of national and, maybe, international football competitions.