10 December - World Football Day


World Football Day was established by the United Nations and is informally celebrated annually on December 10. The most popular game on the planet got its name in England where in early XIX century it starts taking an organized form. The first rules of the game were developed in England too. In 1904 the International Football Federation, known as FIFA now, was established. Currently 208 football associations including the Football Union of Russia are FIFA members.

The Russian football starts its official history since 24 October 1897 when the first registered and announced in sports media match took place: "Saint-Petersburg sports lovers union" ("Sport") played against "Vasilevsk Ostrov football players' society".

The all-Russian Football Union was established on 6(19) January 1912 and gained FIFA membership the same year.

The Russian football has a long glorious history. Our national team got bronze medals of FIFA World Cup 1966, won the European Cup 1960, finished as the runners-up of the continental forums in 1964, 1972 and 1988; in 2008 the Russian National team got bronze medals at the UEFA EURO. The Soviet team celebrated twice the title of the Ol ympic football tournament in 1956 and 1988. Besides, there were many titles in UEFA club competitions, at youth and U21 levels as well as in women's football. Russia has also gold medals of FIFA Beach Soccer World Cups and Samsung Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cups, medals of the world and continental futsal competitions as well as World Universiades, Paraolympic and Special Olympic Games.

Sincerest congratulations with the World Football Day!

Follow the link to watch the congratulations by the Russian National team players with the World Football Day