“Anatomy of sports” presented in the House of Football


On Tuesday, 7 February Eduard Bezuglov, the doctor of the Russian National team, lecturer of the sports medicine and rehabilitation department in the First Medical University named after Sechenov, presented his book “Anatomy of sports. Myths about healthy way of life ” in the House of Football in Moscow. 


The book, released by the Eksmo publishing house, explains in lay terms how to do sports correctly, eat, recover and keep one’s health and improve the life quality. All the recommendations are accompanied by interesting stories from the author’s life and professional practice including his experience in working with the head coaches of the Russian National team Fabio Capello and Leonid Slutsky. Besides, in “Anatomy of Sports” Eduard Bezuglov busts some spreading myths about the healthy way of life and offers his view on popular diets.

Eduard Bezuglov, “Anatomy of sports” author:

- The information presented in the book will be of use to any person regardless of his sports prowess. The book is written in simple language and easy to read. All the knowledge was in my head, I had only to render it on paper. This book is also aimed at people who still lay on the sofa but are ready to get up and take care of themselves. “Anatomy of sports” will motivate them and help to find the right way of making them better without making damage.