«The main task is to keep the maximum number of players in football»


On Monday, 6 February the meeting of FUR Youth Football Committee took place in the House of Football in Moscow. After the meeting deputy chairman of the committee Andrey Sozin spoke to the media.

- Unfortunately, Igor Lebedev, the chairman of FUR Youth Football Committee, didn’t manage to attend the meeting due to illness. The first meeting of the committee in its new composition took more than three hours. The main issue that was discussed is the compensation for young players transferring from youth football to senior. We have appointed the working group on initiating the amendments to the Uniform all-Russian classification in our kind of sports. The second important issue is the number of participants in the final tournament of the Russian championship among the teams of sports schools at the graduation age. Last year there were 20, but it is too many. We decided to cut the number of teams up to 16 next year.

- What other issues were discussed at the meeting?

- We appreciated greatly the program of youth football reorganization by FUR Technical Director Andrey Leksakov. It shall bring results. We wanted to hear other specialists who suggest their variants of programs but there was none. The main focus is on the introduction of 17-year-old players to the senior football and how to make it less painful. The main task of the committee is to keep the maximum number of players in football by means of regulating number of teams, compensations and etc.