"Ethics Committee declaimed against Slutsky’s statement"


FUR Ethics Committee considered the motion of FUR President Vitaly Mutko on the statement about refereeing made by coach Leonid Slutsky in his interview to Match-TV Channel and made the following decision:

- to apply sanctions to Leonid Slutsky as the reprimand for the violation of FUR Ethics Regulations. It is recommended to Slutsky to offer FUR referees public apologies in media.


After the meeting FUR Ethics Committee Chairman Semen Andreev spoke to the media about the decision made and general functions of the body he chairs.


Semen Andreev, FUR Ethics Committee Chairman:

- Today the first meeting of FUR Ethics Committee in its new composition has been held; it was rather interesting. We have efficient members set for thoughtful work in the committee now and we are pleased with it. We have discussed issues dealing with the previous practice of the committee,  gave floor to Andrey Sozin and Nikolay Kiselev who used to be the members of the previous composition of the committee. It was important because we have to develop our vision of the committee functioning. We have decided that it is necessary to analyze FUR Ethics Regulations and make certain amendments to it including the possibility to initiate and consider cases on our own.  We would like to put forward this issue at FUR Executive Committee meeting. Now we can consider cases initiated only by FUR President, Executive Committee and Bureau of the Executive Committee.
As for the decision taken concerning Leonid Slutsky... It shall be noted that in summer 2016 Leonid Slutsky made hard-hitting statements about referees at the Match-TV Channel. FUR Ethics Committee members disclaimed unanimously against this statement  and made the decision to make the reprimand as well as recommended to offer apologies  to referees publicly via mass media. FUR Ethics Committee secretary spoke to Leonid Slutsky before the meeting of the committee and Slutsky said that he is ready to take any decision of the committee.