Football veterans paid tribute to the fallen in war


On Friday, 5 May prior to the Victory Day Russian football veterans laid wreaths to the Grave of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexandrovski Garden. 


The traditional ceremony organized by FUR was attended by legendary Russian football players, widows of the famous players of the past, representatives of football leagues as well as FUR vice-president Sergey Anokhin and FUR CEO Alexander Alaev. Among the football veterans there were  Nikita Simonyan, Alexey Paramonov, Alexander Mirzoyan, Sergey Olshanskiy, Viktor Shustikov, Boris Kopeikin, Anzor Kavazashvili, Valery Maslov, Vladimir Pilguj and many other merited veterans. Besides, the wives of the passed away famous players were invited to the ceremony - Valentina Yashina, Zoya Bubukina, Olga Ivakina, Lyubov Khusainova, Elena Bobrova, Galina Isaeva and others.
"This is a tradition to pay tribute to the fallen in the War; with great feeling of gratitude we come here. Every family lost somebody in that terrible war", - said FUR first vice-president Nikita Simonyan. 
"We played football even during the war. I lived in Sukhumi and the football life went on though the city was bombed; my father was severely wounded after one of the attacks", - he added