Fedor Smolov recognized the best player 2016 in Russia

20 december 2016 | Новости РФС

FUR together with RFPL and the Sport-Express newspaper called the best player 2016 in Russia. Forward Fedor Smolov was awarded with the title.

10 December - World Football Day

10 december 2016 | Новости РФС

Under the United Nations decision 10 December is the World Football Day.

Vitaly Mutko turns 58

08 december 2016 | Новости РФС

On 8 December Deputy of the Russian Prime Minister, FUR President Vitaly Mutko celebrates his 58th birthday.

WFC Zvezda-2005 takes the Russian Cup-2016

30 october 2016 | Новости РФС

WFC Zvezda-2005, Perm defeated WFC Kubanochka-CSP 4, Krasnodar in the final of the Russian Women’s Cup 2016 in Izhevsk.

Congratulations to Alexander Alaev

30 october 2016 | Новости РФС

On 30 October FUR CEO (General Secretary) Alexander Alaev celebrates his birthday.

Memorandum on cooperation with FFI

19 october 2016 | Новости РФС

On Wednesday, 19 October the Memorandum on cooperation between FUR and FFI was singed in the House of Football in Moscow.

Nikita Simonyan's 90th Anniversary

12 october 2016 | Новости РФС

FUR First Vice-President, legendary Nikita Simonyan turns 90 today.

Alexey Nikolaev takes over refereeing

10 october 2016 | Новости РФС

Alexey Nikolaev has been appointed as the acting FUR Head of Refereeing and Referees’ Observers.

Valentin Ivanov leaves FUR

06 october 2016 | Новости РФС

FUR would like to officially announce that Valentin Ivanov resigns from his position.

Mutko reelected as FUR President

24 september 2016 | Новости РФС

On Saturday, 24 September the elections of FUR President were held at the extraordinary General Assembly of the organization.